I have been a social whore since I could smile and obsessively seek occasions of learning and growth within, sometimes fantastical, journeys of experimentation. Growing up in an era of enormous social, economic, and technological change, I witnessed consumer culture and the introduction of the Internet’s evolution and affects on society. Our lives have been impacted by spectacle and increased social media in which virtual reality has superseded physical and material relationships directly influencing personal communication and interaction. In this environment we are overrun with images and expanding methods of technological communication have created progressive systems allowing for virtual interactions that seemingly transverse spatial, cultural, societal, and personal boundaries. My interdisciplinary practice originates from this socio-cultural anthropological study of lived physical/virtual experience and investigates cultural systems of communication in relation to interpersonal relationships, identity, and sexuality from an empowered feminine perspective. I am interested in the blurred areas between life and art, public and private, and physical and virtual. My material comes from experiences, performance, and large digital archives of text, images, video and data that is either self produced or collected through research and appropriation. I deconstruct, manipulate, convert, intermediate, and reconstruct these materials into sculpture, performance, photography, video, installation, GIF, 3D modeling, and Internet based artwork that parallels our quickly evolving technological existence and means of artistic expression.